Personally, we have been investing in the financial markets since 2002. Our experience and modern technology has allowed us to develop a system of technical analysis FOREX market, so that we gain a real advantage in the market. The system is based on three product groups for the MT4 platform: FX Alarms®, FX Tools ®, FX Indicators®.

FX Alarms ® – trading signals online that allow you likely hare profitable market positions.

FX Tools ® – the new generation of tools for automated technical analysis FOREX market.

FX Indicators ® – sets of indicators based on real market data (no ticks data): FX Real Volume, Dynamic Support/Resistance, Average Real Price Sell / Buy.

To succeed in the market you need to know what the pros do with investment funds and banks (ie. Smart Money), to be able to react in time. We believe that through our signals and tools for traders can gain a real advantage and increase their profits on the FOREX market.