Signals for FOREX Traders

FX Alarms® based on unique technology automatically analyse dozens of instruments on the FOREX market, providing  Sell / Buy signals directly to your MetaTrader 4 platform.
The signals are delivered continuously during the hours of trading on the FOREX market, for the popular intervals M5, M15 and H1. Signals from FX Alarms allow you to automate your trading and professionally manage open positions.
Together with FX Tools® and FX Indicators® we offer you a unique system of technical analysis of FOREX market, allowing significant growth of your profitability on the FOREX market.

You will never miss any trading position. Try our FOREX trading system for free now!

Tools for FOREX Traders

Use our new generation of FX Tools ® for technical analysis of FOREX market, directly in your MetaTrader 4 charts.

Auto Elliott Waves

Advanced tool for automated or manual drawing and marking Elliot Waves in the FOREX prices charts. The tool is prepared to work directly in your MT4 platform.

The tool automatically recognizes the pattern and the type of wave impulse (1-2-3-4-5) or correction (A-B-C), calculating at the same time a potential of target ranges waves. The tool allows for analysis of all rows waves: Major, Middle, Minor.

R/R Levels

FOREX market is not about the number of successful transactions, but how much profit compared to a loss you can get with a single transaction.

R/R Levels® Tool means the ratio of risk-rewards R / R, directly in your MT4 platform charts. After selecting the level:  Setup, Stop Loss and Take Profit for potential trading position,  R/R Levels® automatically calculates the value of R / R and the size of positions in lots.

Auto Fibonacci

Auto Fibonacci Tool allows easily to make measurements of Fibonacci levels in the MT4 chart price, by clicking the cursor directly on the pricing candles.

The tool automatically recognizes Open / Close prices for each candle and draws the appropriate levels. All methods of measurement are available, i.e. Retracement, Expansion and Alternate Price Projection (also called Extension).

Waves Target

Basing on our technology, statistics data and Elliott’s waves theory, the Waves Target Tool allows the determination of the potential ranges of all types of impulse waves (1-2-3-4-5) or waves correction (A-B-C).

After selecting a measurement method,  the Tool automatically calculates the range of the wave type, graphically indicating the zone of minimum, typical or maximum prices.

Indicators for MetaTrader 4 Platform

Try the new generation of FX Indicators ® for MetaTrader 4 platform, based on the real volume of the FOREX market.

Average Real Price of Sell / Buy

Current view of the average price of Sell / Buy is very important in assessing the position of the current price and its potential to increase or decrease. Now, with the indicator AVGPrices you know whether your trading position has a chance of success.

Dynamic S/R

Dynamic S / R (support / resistance) indicates the high accuracy of price zones supply and demand, created by professional traders and allowed you to quickly evaluate the potential of trading position.

FX Market Sentiment

Indicator is a unique tool that allows to see the involvement of other players in the Forex market. FOREX market data, available so far for investment funds and banks, giving them a real advantage over retail traders, are now at your disposal. Your chances on the FOREX market are finally aligned.

Range of FX Market Indicator

Range Indicator shows the zone of consolidation and impulses on the FOREX market, in addition to allowing to measure potential changes in prices. It will help you recognize when the market takes accumulation, and when they are distributed.


Real traders

Real money

Real advantage


As a company we have been investing in the financial markets since 2013. Our experience and modern technology has allowed us to develop a system of FOREX market technical analysis, to gain a real advantage in the market. The system is based on three products groups for MT4 platform: FX Alarms®, FX Tools ®, FX Indicators®.


FX Alarms ® – online trading signals allowing you to take profitable market positions.

FX Tools ® – new generation tools for automated technical analysis of FOREX market.

FX Indicators ® – sets of indicators based on real market data (no ticks data): Market Sentiment, Dynamic Support/Resistance, Average Real Price Sell / Buy.


To succeed in the market you need to know what do the professionals from investment funds and banks do (i.e. Smart Money), to be able to react in time. We believe that thanks to our signals and tools for traders you will  gain a real advantage and increase your profits on FOREX market.


Buy/ sell signals are really amazing!.

Admittedly, there are sometimes irrelevant positions, but with all the other tools you can quickly evaluate and execute the desired position.

Keep up the good fx alarms.

Jonathan Lee

First of all I would just say thanks!
I tried to compare it to other EA, but this win because it is complete, giving indicators of the real volume and other useful tools. This system have helped me getting from a “losing money trader” to a profitable trader.

Sasha Kuzniecov

It uses this system for some time, and I must admit that my performance in the game at Forex greatly improved. Currently, my efficiency is increased to 60-70%. In my opinion it is worth using, especially as the licensing costs are low. Thank Fxalarms!

Shon Stevenson

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