The Japanese yen is the weakest currently on the market due to the ongoing good sentiment in the markets and the recent reports from Japan. Today we had to deal with the relaunch earthquakes. The very fact affects only negative for the yen. The market ignored the data.
On a pair USDJPY we have other, fairly strong growth candle. It should be noted, however, that the level of 110 for the pair is quite strong resistance. In turn, the key is to eliminate 50.0 years of downward wave at the level of 111,60.

Reflection also takes on a pair EURJPY. Reflection took place yesterday at the 122.00 level, and the abolition of 127.2 last big wave of growth from the previous year. Given the ECB meeting this week, the chances of further reflection on hand are quite big. The key resistance level at 125.00, which falls well as the upper limit of the downward channel of the hip.


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